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Repair your broken phone screen

broke phone screen

It is pretty simple to repair your broken iPhone screen, there are multiple instructions about it on the web. Just google your specific type of phone. Inspired by my friend gaiageek I used these instructions and it worked really well:

I admit, it was a bit nerve wrecking and I had my repair-it-all dad with me who is more specialised in cars and was amazed himself that we could repair a smartphone. But with time, humour and the right size screwdriver we made it. It is also a good idea to consider replacing the battery as this is only a few more steps and can increase your phones value.

There are multiple repair packets, I bought my iphone screen for around 8 EUR and the battery for 10 EUR on and If the LCD part is broken it is slightly more expensive.


floppy disk upcycling

Floppy disk your photos

Floopy disks are very much outdated and I would not even know where to use one now. I did find a staple at my parents place and before throwing them out I thought about some ways of reusing and upcycling them.

Now this is my first trial – a photo holder or pin board. This could be extended with more floppy disks to the side or even longer at varying length of cord. The disks usually have two holes however it needs drilling two more holes to be able to connect the disks. I used a gimlet for drilling and some cord for connecting the disks. It needs some patience to have the cord at the same length on both sides. You can see my first trial is a bit uneven. I can imaging colourful cord to look cool. Furthermore you can turn the floopy disks around and write on the sticker that is on there.

Great (christmas) gift for a techie friend.

floppy disc connectionfloppy disk frame