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Creative Green Life

This site is a collection of inspiration for a creative green life. Rather than merely consuming we can create an abundant world. Looking at things from another angle, through a different lens or out of the box is easy when you open your eyes and heart. Not assess and possess but observe and appreciate. There is abundance when you look at Waste as Matter Out of Place (MOOP). Or at weeds as potential medicine. Here you find some photos and thoughts on ways of recycling things and rethinking the use of others. So that you waste less – material and money.

There is beauty in age, a story in everything. 

As life is complex so is this site trying to cover many of its aspects. The Belly with topics all around food as this is what fuels our brain and body,  influenced our sleep and mood. The Hands with art and craft inspiration on upcycling. The Head - thinking, reflecting and progressing. The Heart - a collection of the favorites.

A separate area deals with MOOP - Matter Out Of Place (rather than waste) and what you could do with it. Here the upcycling inspirations are sorted by raw material.

Some ideas are from me, others I’ve found in life. Some are products you can buy where the link leads to an affiliate. This means I am receiving a small percentage of the sale as a reward for recommending a product. I am not getting rich but it motivates me to run this site and putting in much time and thought. These are only truly recommended things like the Mooncup. However most links and ideas are on things you can easily make yourself out of an old, broken good or some unused item. Like this beautiful boot pot you can see in the picture. Making use of your worn out shoes by turning them into an outdoor flowerpot.

Enjoy following and participating in a creative green life!