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Vertical gardens from upcycled material

When there is not much room for a garden you have to go up. Vertical gardens are great for small spaces. Ideally you choose plants that climb up like beans and peas. But strawberries also work. It depends on the construction. What have you got around?

There are many materials that can be used in upcycling. One example are vertical gardens from plastic bottles like described in this post: Strawberry Tower from Plastic.

verticalstrawberry garden vertical plastic garden

Other materials are milk cartons strapped to a fence or wooden pallets like in these pictures taken at urban gardens in Berlin:

Prinzessinengarten Berlin / Vertical Garden from Wood Pallets

Another way to use wood pallets is shown in the below picture, a more professional approach with an irrigation system.

Klunkerkranich Berlin / Vertical Garden from pallets

Drink cartons accumulate over time in most households. Turned upside down they work as flower pots. When leaving the cap part open at the bottom it is a perfect drainage system. They can be hung onto a fence or balcony.

Prinzessinengarten Berlin / Vertical Garden from Milk Cartons

The sky is the limit.

Strawberry Tower from Plastic Bottles

Vertical gardens are great for a balcony or other small outside areas. From plastic bottles you an easily and quickly build you own – reducing waste & cost. Here is a great description with pictures on how to build your own: http://containergardening.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/bottle-tower-gardening-how-to-start-willem-van-cotthem/


The picture shows the start of two small towers as I had only a few bottles – all in different sizes. I mainly use glass and avoid plastic wherever possible. So I gathered them from my family, sat down for 10mins to read the instruction, another 10mins slicing up bottles and squeezing in dirt and strawberries and YAY to the start of my new vertical garden.

I will probably continue it whenever I come across more bottles – I am not in a rush.