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Nature is abundance

Gardening is one of the best hobbies. Even with a not so green finger there are enough plants that just love to grow no matter what. One seed into the earth, some care-taking and whoooop hundreds of seeds or leaves or fruits or flowers. Some snapshots of the last season.

IMG_4576-0.JPGSalad from beet root and zucchini with borretsch and nasturtium (Kapuzinerkresse) flowers

IMG_4675-1.JPGFire beans



Porridge with red currant and blackberry – great jams too.

IMG_4505.JPGSunflower seeds – pure or roasted

IMG_4397.JPGApples and pears in all shapes and tastes.

IMG_4504-0.JPGBlackberries and red currants. Fire beans and tasty wild tomatoes (green & yellow)

IMG_4370.JPGwhite, black and red currant. red and green gooseberry.

IMG_4369.JPGherb pesto and nasturtium.

IMG_3198.JPGthe tastiest radish ever

IMG_3524.JPGflowers as gifts, for teas, for bees or just for the eye and nose


observer panorama

Nature is Inspiration: Observation

In this series I would like to reflect on nature as a source of inspiration. There is diversity and abundance in nature – daily creation and transformation – in cycles, in motion, in patterns. Nature provides food for the belly but also food for thoughts.

 Nature is a magical muse

Observing the ocean your mind drifts away staring at the water. 

observingReflecting on the past, planing for the future: Was that the right decision? Where should I go next? The sound of the waves brings your attention back to this very moment – The present. The salty smell of the ocean blows away all thoughts and clears the mind. Focusing on the breath, on the moment.

Taking time and focusing on the moment are key to observation. To hear, see, smell and feel a place from different sides. With no rush or to-do-lists pending.

Observation is like a meditation on nature

A meditation requires patience but is rewarding. Especially with nature as a mediator. Sensing the elements has grounding effects letting go of fears and worries. What does really matter?

In meditation mind and body can be connected by observing the breath. With this aware, clear and focused mind new combinations of the old can arise – Ideas are born.