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From Jumper to leg warmer and skirt



This is a beautiful and simple way to upcycle a jumper. This one was leftover from a cloth swapping party – too short for anyone to wear. Nice wool and color though. With some simple cuts, 5 minutes of sewing, an elastic band and a safety pin this jumper was upcycled into a skirt and a pair of leg warmers. Multiple matching new clothes. And pretty unique.


Just cut the jumper appropriately as in the picture, sew a loop around the edge and pull through the elastic band with the help of a safety pin. Put in a knot at the desired strength of the elastic and sew together to close the hole.



From the collar that is left over one could even make a poncho by sewing on some additional fabric at the lower bid.

More creation, less consumption!



Upcycling skirts – puffing it up

These two cord skirts were lying in my wardrobe for many years unworn. Somehow an odd length and not matching my body shape. Or maybe it was just my perception of fashion at the time. Instead of going out shopping for something new I though of ways to make them more interesting. Unique. Add something. Something simple but effective.

By folding the lower part and sewing a loop for an elastic to go through the cigar void created I created two new favourites. Puffy short skirts, adjustable depending on occasion – clubbing or uni – comfy and unique. 

skirt upcycled IMG_3077 IMG_3078

Turn your Old Pants into Shorts

recycled shorts

Do you have torn pants that you don’t wear any more? Instead of throwing them away you can turn them into shorts. Just cut them at the desired length and fold the lower part up. With the leftover leg part you can sow a bag or use the material for patching up other clothes.

If you have some other fabric that would match and like more individual looks, sow it on the lower part like in the below picture.

colourful shorts