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Upcycling Art in Berlin

Now I do Upcycling as a hobby. What comes across my way is worked with as a resource, I do workshops and I gift my friends with the upcycled goods. But some people have turned it into their job and are professionalizing the field. In the search for a 50th birthday present for my aunt I went to visit some.

El Reinventor for example is upcycling instruments and other antique things into light objects. He also works with bicycle parts, coat hangers and whatever you bring to him. One of his specialties is that he works with people on their old objects and turns them into something really unique.


At the Bright Side Werkstatt, Brunnenstraße 26 in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin you find him. El Reinventor. It’s worth a visit to look at his art, even better if you feel like working on something with him. Its a workshop and gallery in one. He has some great tools, and an even greater humor and creativity.

When I came to visit him he showed me around and shared some backdoor secrets. We then sat in front of his gallery in the sun where he showed me how to turn a coat hanger into an angle holding my toilet paper. Gold!


Even better I found his light installation from telescope legs and a trumpet. For more information visit him online or on facebook

Just around the corner is the Upcycling Fashion Store. From clothes to accessories and gifts they have a large range of things from different artists in and around Berlin. I found little wallets from leather gloves, handbags from offset printing covers,… They also organize events and report on the latest news in the upcycling scene on There is now even an upcycling fashion road map for Berlin. Thank you!



Vertical gardens from upcycled material

When there is not much room for a garden you have to go up. Vertical gardens are great for small spaces. Ideally you choose plants that climb up like beans and peas. But strawberries also work. It depends on the construction. What have you got around?

There are many materials that can be used in upcycling. One example are vertical gardens from plastic bottles like described in this post: Strawberry Tower from Plastic.

verticalstrawberry garden vertical plastic garden

Other materials are milk cartons strapped to a fence or wooden pallets like in these pictures taken at urban gardens in Berlin:

Prinzessinengarten Berlin / Vertical Garden from Wood Pallets

Another way to use wood pallets is shown in the below picture, a more professional approach with an irrigation system.

Klunkerkranich Berlin / Vertical Garden from pallets

Drink cartons accumulate over time in most households. Turned upside down they work as flower pots. When leaving the cap part open at the bottom it is a perfect drainage system. They can be hung onto a fence or balcony.

Prinzessinengarten Berlin / Vertical Garden from Milk Cartons

The sky is the limit.


Upcycling Workshops

Come around for an upcycling workshop:

06.09.2014 Re-Use Day, Prinzessinnengarten Berlin
A mix of many things you can see on this blog e.g. crocheting with shirts, knitting with plastic bags, hair ties from stockings, etc. I will explain the upcycling process or upcycle with you. Bring some material or use what is there.

Past Workshops:

02.08.2014 Re-Use Day, Prinzessinnengarten Berlin
Making flower pots from plastic bags and other waste material.

08.-10.08.2014 Wilde Möhre Festival, 1h from Berlin
I will tell you about the ideas of upcycling and contributions to a sustainable lifestyle. Come and learn how to knit with plastic bags or crochet with your old shirts.

Re-Use Day, Prinzessinnengarten: 07.06.2014 – picture below

Re-Use Day, Prinzessinnengarten Berlin:  05.07.2014

Serendubity Festival, 1h from Berlin: 18. & 20.07.2014


Upcycling is the idea of reusing “waste” materials for the creation of new objects of practical use, arts and decoration, contributing to the reduction of energy use, soil, water and air contamination. 

We turn milk cartons into herb gardens, plastic bottles into vertical strawberry fields and shoes into flower potsIf you rather green your neighbourhood make some seedballs with us and spread the special Berlin seed mix of colourful plants.

Lu, Steffi and Dia are going to upcycle with you to give your balcony and window board some green vibes. We mix our knowledge on permaculture design, natural resources and upcycling arts to design the eco-corner of serendubity with you. There will be material, bring your ideas and hands for creating with us!